Another Healthy New Year: 2017

Hope you’re enjoying my latest creations as well as the older ones I have been sharing here for many years.  It’s still my goal to keep creating and sharing so we can enjoy this low carb lifestyle together.

Although I had a higher A1c than I like back in July of 2016, I rooted out the cause for higher BGLs (a low carb chocolate I had tested earlier and thought was safe, but at some point started spiking my BGL) and my latest A1c this week was the lowest I’ve ever recorded: 4.8!  WOO HOO!!!  This way of life really does work for the long haul; I’ve been doing it for nearly 14 years.

I’ve just spent a couple of days adding and adjusting pictures of my recipes here as well as editing some earlier posts to update them.  I have nearly 9 years of posts here!  Whew!

I have also added a new link in my Resources section: DAR’s Favorite Low Carb Sources.  This takes you to a page on my website with links for the companies I have been using for quality low carb products and have become an affiliate with.  If you use my links to get to these companies and purchase something, I will get a small credit.

I would greatly appreciate it if you used my links, especially if you were going to use these sites already, but my main goal is to help you find sources for healthy low carb products.  You may have found others on your own.  Wherever and however you find support for your low carb lifestyle, stick to this way of life and be the healthiest you can be!  8+)

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