New Atkins Shakes Contain Soy

I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and cannot consume soy products.  Other people avoid soy for the same or other reasons, so I was happy to report several years ago that Atkins had removed the soy from their shakes.

My BGL approves, so I usually have an Atkins shake for breakfast every morning.  They are especially convenient when I’m away from home because they don’t need to be refrigerated.  I stockpile the shakes at the beginning of the year when they come in 6 packs to save money.

I recently saw Atkins shakes in the store said they had improved flavors, so I read a label and found the new shakes contain soy.  Bummer!  I mentioned this to Atkins on Facebook (who confirmed all the shakes would have soy) and was encouraged to contact Atkins, so this is what I wrote:

“I and many others cannot have soy products, so I am very disappointed to hear you are adding soy to your shakes again. Please reconsider your decision; as a Type 2 diabetic, Atkins shakes are one of the few things my blood sugar will tolerate in the morning.”

And here is their response:

“We are sorry that you do not care for the newly reformulated product. Atkins is always striving to improve our products and no product is released to the market without extensive blind taste tests to ensure the product is appealing to our consumers. The blind taste tests compare the new formulation against the old and the change is not made if consumers prefer the old formulation.

We do truly appreciate your feedback as a dedicated Atkins user.  Just so you know, I have forwarded your email to our Product and Development Team.

We hope that you will try one of our other bars or shakes to find one that is appealing to you.”

This appears to be a form letter, not even addressing the issue of the soy, so I sent this response:

“My objection to your new shakes has nothing to do with the flavor.  I have thyroid disease, which prohibits me (and many others) from consuming soy.  As long as your shakes contain soy, I will not be trying any of them (or other soy-containing products), no matter how they taste.

I was very happy to report to my online readers and low carb forum members that you had removed soy from your shakes several years ago.  I regret that I will have to report that it has been added again and it’s no longer safe for those of us who have to avoid soy to enjoy Atkins shakes.  I will also have to find another alternative for my breakfasts.”

You may not consume Atkins products, including their shakes, but if you do and object to the soy they are adding, please contact Atkins to let them know there are a lot of us out here who can’t/won’t consume soy.

Atkins Contact Info Online or Email:

Whether or not Atkins rethinks its use of soy, I have my own yummy recipes for breakfast drinks I/we can make:

Fat Fast Coffee Flavor Breakfast Drink
Modified Fat Fast Coffee Flavor Drink
Fat Fast Almond Flavor Drink
Modified Fat Fast Almond Flavor Drink
Modified Fat Fast Egg Nog

Hmmm…  This has me dreaming up new breakfast drink ideas already!

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