DARdreams.com is Alive!

After a lot of work with much, much more to go, www.DARdreams.com is now a reality!  You can check it out through that direct link now, though the search engines probably won’t find it for awhile yet.

I have a mind-boggling amount of work left to do, but the basics are up and running.  The more I learn about building my website, the more I find out I don’t know.  I try to avoid having to go back and redo things, but I keep learning something new and want to apply it.

Please be patient if you run into “under construction” messages in some places.  But please do check DARdreams.com out and come back later to see things as they are added.

I’m really excited to start this new venture…  My OWN website!  What a way to start a new year!

I wish all of you a wonderful New Year filled with a renewed excitement about your healthy low carb lifestyle.  2014, here we come!


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