Out With the Old… In With the New

What a year 2012 was!  A roller coaster ride of ups and downs.  The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat pertaining to everything from sports to politics to the tragedies and blessings during the holiday season.

Part of my “out with the old” this year will be using up, getting rid of, or transforming things.  I plan to transform fabric and yarn into useful and beautiful items I can use instead of sitting in a stash, taking up room.

I also plan to read the books sitting on my shelf waiting to be read, which are also taking up room.  After they are read, I will get rid of them.  I’ll use my Kindle in the future for reading and storing books (except craft books).

“Out with the old” also includes low carb ingredients I have hanging out in my cupboard and frig that I rarely use any more.  I have to be careful about using them up all at once without raising my BGL and weight, so this will take awhile, but I hope to have most of them gone soon.

I really feel better physically and mentally when my life is streamlined and has less clutter, including my eating plan.  I get variety on weekends when I allow myself to eat out (low carb, of course) and make things I don’t usually eat (also low carb), so I don’t mind sticking to my Low Carbing on the Go Plan the rest of the week.

Of course, I hope the streamlining will also include my figure!  ;+)  Until the holidays, I was making good progress toward getting back to my goal weight and I hope to get back on track now.  I have managed to keep off most of the 60 lbs I lost when I started eating low carb nearly 10 years ago, but those last 10 lbs or so keep finding their way back…

What are your goals for this new year?  Don’t get discouraged!  Sometimes things take time, but a year from now, will you be where you are now or will you have progressed toward your goals even a little bit?  Slow and steady wins the race.  Hang in there!

Happy New Year!

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