Preparing for Emergencies

Praying for those in the path of Hurricane Sandy.  This storm will affect a large portion of the Eastern and Mid-Atlantic states for quite some time.  This “perfect storm” is far from perfect!

I hope people in those areas are stocked with enough water and food to last until they get their power back and can get to the store to replenish supplies.

Low carb options I keep for emergencies that don’t need to be refrigerated or heated include canned fish and meats, olives, low carb soups and broths, nonstarchy canned or raw veggies, nuts, ChocoPerfection bars, sugar-free drinks, Atkins shakes, etc.  Cheese is okay to keep out of the frig for awhile and boiled eggs keep longer (and are easier to eat with no power!) than raw eggs, though they should be kept as cool as possible.

You can put some cold things in a cooler with ice when your power goes out so you can access them without having to open your frig or freezer.  Keep the frig and freezer unopened as long as you can to preserve the cold.

Batten down the hatches (if you haven’t already) and stay safe!

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