Put This on My Wish List!

Finally!  Someone has developed a continuous glucose monitoring system that doesn’t use needles.

I have wanted a continuous monitoring system for a long time so I could have an accurate measurement of my BGL at all times.  This would be a huge help in knowing what I can and can’t eat safely.  Testing can be a hit or miss thing, missing the peaks and leading to believing something is fine for me when it isn’t.  Continuous monitoring would eliminate that problem and tell me exactly what my BGL is doing when.

This new monitoring system isn’t available in the US yet, but may be in 2013.  Of course, there’s no mention in the info I have found about how much it will cost and/or whether it will require a prescription.  Getting a doctor to write a prescription for a type 2 who doesn’t use insulin or meds might be a problem.  But I’m still excited about the possibilities!

Here’s the article about the Symphony® tCGM in the Diabetes Health e-Newsletter:


What a difference something like this could make for those of us trying to control diabetes with our diets!

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