Happy 2012!

Time to start another new year…  Let’s make this a year of doing all we can to get and stay healthy.

I’ve been sticking to my plan to keep my BGL at a nondiabetic level.  Tomorrow I will do an A1c test to make sure it is staying under 5.  (I would have done it today, but I forgot to buy the test earlier.)

I am continuing to work at encouraging my weight to drift downward instead of upward.  It’s in the normal range for my height, but I feel better when it’s a little lower and don’t like to let it drift upward too far.

Now that it gets dark so early, my nightly walks (and summer swims) with Hubby have been put on hold.  But I just used gift card money to order some new Wii games to keep my mind and body active.

What are you doing to get and stay as healthy as you can be?  Let’s forget about any past failures and instead build on our successes…  We can do this!  8+)

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