Quest Bar Update

I decided to test my BGL after eating a Vanilla Almond Quest Bar, since it had done okay with that flavor when the bars first came out.  Here are my results today:

12:20 pm: BGL 71

12:20 pm: Ate Vanilla Almond Quest Bar

1:20 pm: BGL 166!

1:50 pm: BGL 157

2:10 pm: BGL 130

When I tested this flavor months ago, I didn’t test 1 hour or 90 minutes after eating it, but my BGL was under 100 by 2 hours after or I wouldn’t have continued eating them.

I don’t think my BGL has suddenly started objecting to the same ingredients; I think something in the Quest Bars has changed since the 1st ones I tried and tested.

Again, I strongly caution people to test themselves after eating these bars to see what they do to their BGLs.  I won’t be eating any more even for testing purposes.

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