Quest Bar Caution

I was happy when the new Quest Bars came out and my BGL tolerated the Vanilla Almond flavor okay.  Yesterday I read an article from David Mendosa about fiber, which mentions Quest Bars:

The Trouble With Fiber

Here is my response to David’s article:

Yikes!  I did my own test and am NOT happy with the results!

Months ago, I tested my BGL after trying the original PB and Vanilla Almond Quest Bars.  My BGL doesn’t like PB, but did okay with the Vanilla, so I continued to eat those.  Recently, Quest came out with new flavors, but staying away from fruit and PB left me with just Chocolate Brownie.  It has a couple more net carbs than the Vanilla, but the ingredients are similar, so I’ve been eating Brownie bars.

Big mistake!  For over 8 years, I tested my BGL after EVERY meal, but I have gotten lax in the past few months, sticking to the foods I have tested in the past and haven’t had a problem with.  But your article got me wondering about the new Quest Bar flavors, so I tested today.

I started with a nice 81 at 12:35 (several hours after breakfast).  I ate a Chocolate Brownie Quest Bar at 12:40.  I meant to test at 1:40, but was busy paying bills and missed the time.  I did test at 2:10 (90 minutes after eating) and my BGL was a whopping 143!  At 2:40, it was down to 121, but still way too high for someone who usually stays under 100 and aims for the 80s.

I am really unhappy with these results and kicking myself big time for not testing this flavor sooner.  I can only console myself with the fact that I have been eating the Quest Bars with some nuts and hopefully that has given me enough protein to keep my BGL from spiking this high all this time.

I am really bummed…  But VERY glad your article prompted me to do what I know to do: get out my meter and CHECK!


I don’t think it’s the fiber itself that is causing the problem; I think it may be what Quest calls fiber isn’t like other fibers that don’t affect my BGL.

Whatever the cause, I will not be eating any more Quest Bars or recommending them to others.  I strongly suggest everyone who wants to continue eating them test their BGL to see what they do to it.  And don’t make the mistake I did, thinking that if one flavor is okay, they are all okay.  8+(

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