A+ on A1c!

I just got the results from my 8/1/11 A1c test today…

Drum roll, please…


I am so pleased!  I hadn’t been under 5 for awhile, though I always keep my BGL under 100.

I’m not sure of all the factors that helped to get my A1c back under 5, but I’m sure doing the Atkins Fat Fast right before my latest test was helpful.  (The A1c isn’t really an average of BGLs for the past 3 or 4 months; your latest BGLs have more affect on it than the earlier ones.)

I’m still using my Atkins Fat Fast Recipes daily even though I’m not technically doing the Fat Fast now.  I just really like the recipes and knowing I’m not eating tons of calories every day.  I don’t normally count calories, but in someone my size, they do make a difference in my weight.  However, my body will tolerate a lot more low carb calories than carby ones!

I have also been walking (with a lot of hills) and/or swimming nearly every day recently and that may have helped my A1c level.  If I overdo it, my BGL goes up instead of down, but walking and swimming at a moderate pace seem to make my body happy.  It also clears out the cobwebs in my brain!

Whatever the factors resulting in my latest reading, my goal is to keep my A1c under 5, since that’s a nondiabetic level that drastically lowers risk factors for diabetes complications and other health problems.

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