Missing Gracie

I was very saddened to learn that Grace Gulick, known affectionately as Gracie at the Low Carb Diets forum, died suddenly from unknown causes this week.

Gracie called me her hero for helping her learn to control her diabetes with a low carb lifestyle, but she was my hero for her eagerness to learn and share info with others who can benefit from eating low carb, too.  When I resigned as a moderator, Gracie was already a great asset to the forum and stepped in to continue helping others with her warmth and encouragement.

Laura Dolson provided a thread to honor Gracie at the Low Carb Diets forum that she passed along to Gracie’s husband.  I also wrote to him and he is comforted in knowing Gracie is no longer in pain and says she is probably spending a lot of time at the Rainbow Bridge with her beloved dog, Lady, who died recently.

Gracie was a kind and supportive friend to me and many others and she will be missed greatly.

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