Many Yummy Recipes!

I have been working the past couple of days to update links on my DARdreams Squidoo lenses to go directly to this website; some of them have/had links to my original DARdreams website, which was closed at the beginning of this year.  The links are/were rerouted to this website, but I still want them to be linked directly here.

While working on the links, I have been seeing my recipes over and over and making myself hungry for them.  I can’t decide which I want to make first: a chia waffle, a Wiscotti, a crunch, or something else.  They all sound yummy!  8+d

Update:  I no longer have lenses on Squidoo.  But I have been moving my info to and have had the same experience: seeing my recipes and wanting to make them all again!

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