Holiday Recipe Ideas

I hope you don’t mind a repost of my holiday recipe ideas from last year.  I know it’s Christmas week already, but I hope it’s not too late to help you out with recipes and ideas for gifts, treats, and holiday get-togethers.

Holiday Recipes

I have been super busy in my non-online life these past few months, so I haven’t updated all of the links in this new website, but I hope they work okay for you.  Most of them transferred from my original website intact, but if you run across one/some that didn’t, please bear with me as I work to fix them when I get a chance.

Don’t forget to check out any new recipes I’ve dreamed up since last year that would work for the holidays, too.  You can browse through the categories here or go to to see them.  That link is the home page at, where you’ll find links to the various things I’ve dreamed up and shared online.

I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season and sticking to your low carb lifestyle so you feel wonderful, too!  8+)

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