Moving Along…

I just learned today that Windows Live, where this DARdreams website is located, is going away next March!  I will not be able to add anything to it after the end of this year.
I have been given the option to "upgrade" to WordPress, which is supposed to transfer some, but not all of my material and keep my links working.  I will lose my lists and some other things, including my theme.  People using the old "" link will be rerouted to the new one, so hopefully, you’ll all be able to find me in my new space.
Please be patient as I work through this process and work out the bugs.  I’m going to miss my berry wallpaper, but maybe I’ll find a new one I like even better.  Come on, everyone!  Follow me to my new home!
Update: In reading the help page about moving to WordPress, I see there have been a lot problems.  Some people have lost everything! 
So I’ve decided to repost my recipes and some other things from this website as Squidoo lenses.  I will still "upgrade" to WordPress at some point to at least hang onto my web address.  It will take me some time to make all the new lenses, but I will get finished before the deadline so my recipes will remain available online.
I’ll let you all know when I have a new address for WordPress, but in the meantime, I will post the new lenses here as I make them and anything else I want to share with you.  Thank you for your understanding and patience!
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