Bloglines Going Away

I learned today that Bloglines will be shutting down as of October 1st.  This makes me sad because I’ve been using Bloglines for years to keep up with my favorite blogs.
If you’ve been using Bloglines and want to keep your list of blogs, you can transfer them to another RSS reader.  Go to your Bloglines list and at the bottom, there is a link called "Export Subscriptions."  Click on that and save the file to your computer.  Find another RSS reader and import your subscriptions there.
I have just transferred my blog list to Google Reader.  Everything seems to have transferred okay.  I like that they also tell me which blogs have unread messages (and how many) waiting for me to read like Bloglines did.
If you haven’t already, please add me to an RSS reader so you can keep up with the latest from DARdreams.  Thanks!
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