Improving My Resources

I spent all day yesterday (and into the wee hours of today!) adding links in my recipes to the “special” ingredients in them.  I hope this will make it easier to find info and sources for these items as well as pictures of many of them so you can see what they look like.  Just click on an ingredient that is highlighted in my recipe and it will take you to my info and favorite sources for it.

Some of the special ingredients I use have their own pages devoted to them and clicking on the link will take you to that ingredient’s page.  In addition to info and sources for the highlighted ingredient, these pages also list other recipes using it.

The ingredients that don’t have their own pages are listed in Living Low Carb with Special Ingredients A – H and Living Low Carb with Special Ingredients I – Z.  Clicking on the ingredient will take you to the proper page for that item.

My How to Articles are in the How to Articles category on the right.  These articles contain step-by-step directions with pictures and info for recipes and other health-related subjects.

You can also go to to find info about me and all of my online endeavors with links to them.

I have been living a low carb lifestyle for over 7 1/2 years now, so the ingredients I use in my recipes aren’t “special” as in “unusual” for me any more; these are the ingredients my kitchen is stocked with.  But they are special because they help me maintain my health with more variety and enjoyment than would otherwise be possible.

I hope these resources will help you find the info, sources, and motivation you need to be able to use my recipes and other items to enrich your low carb lifestyle, too!

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