Special Ingredients for Living Low Carb

Living low carb doesn’t require special ingredients to be successful, but I like to dream up recipes using the special ingredients I have discovered that my BGL, weight, and taste buds like.  This keeps my menus varied and more fun and I hope my recipes do the same for you.

People who have been eating low carb for awhile are familiar with many of the special ingredients I use in my recipes and I try to give info and sources for them when I use them, but sometimes I forget or figure if you’ve been trying my recipes, you’re already familiar with the ingredients in them.

Recently, a Facebook friend asked me for more info on some of the ingredients I use and suggested I link the special ingredients in my recipes to info and sources for them.  I thought that was a great idea, so my first step was to create a new page devoted to special ingredients (I now have two):

Living Low Carb with Special Ingredients from A – H

Living Low Carb with Special Ingredients from I – Z

I hope this will be helpful and I plan to make links in my recipes soon.  Update: all my recipes now have links.

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