Soft Low Carb Sandwich Cookies

After posting my version of a cookie sundae in No Willpower Required, I tried another way to have cookies and cream.  I really like this version and it’s finger lickin’ good!  8+d

Soft Low Carb Sandwich Cookies

1 batch Soft Almond Cookies, Soft & Cinnamony Cookies, or Soft Minty Cookies
1 batch Low Carb Whipped Cream 

Make the cookies and let them cool.  Meanwhile, whip the cream.

Spoon a thick layer of whipped cream on 3 cookies; top with the other 3 cookies.

This makes 3 large sandwich cookies with about 2 net carbs each.

How many Soft Low Carb Sandwich Cookies you eat in one sitting is up to you, but it’s hard to stop with just one!  (I suggest you not assemble each cookie until you are ready to eat it.)

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