No Willpower Required Low Carb Cookie Sundae

Do you ever feel like other people assume you have an unending supply of willpower?  I do!  They bring carbage into my house and order it when I eat out with them.  I try to ignore it and bite my tongue, but sometimes it gets to be a bit much for me.  I never give in and eat the carbage because I know I will regret it before I’m even finished eating it, but sometimes I fight feeling sorry for myself because I want some, too!

This past week, the people around me have been on a cookie binge.  I watched one of them eat a cookie sundae with lunch and was satisfied with my steak and broccoli, but the thought of cookies lingered.  So for my next meal, I scratched that itch in a way I knew wouldn’t hurt me.

I made a batch of Soft & Cinnamony Cookies and a batch of Low Carb Whipped Cream.  I put 2 cookies on a plate and covered them with whipped cream.  It didn’t contain ice cream like the cookie sundae my lunch companion had, but it was delicious and (for now anyway) I’m not craving cookies.

Living a low carb lifestyle can be a challenge at times, but I find there are ways to make my taste buds happy without hurting the rest of my body if I get creative.  And that makes all of me happy!  8+)

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