Soothing a Sore Throat

I managed to pick up a cold and sore throat while flying across the country and back last week.  I rarely get colds, but being enclosed in an airplane with a kid coughing in the seat in front of you decreases your odds of avoiding one.  Thank goodness it wasn’t something worse.  One poor girl made mad dashes to the restroom repeatedly on our return flight.

Winter isn’t really ice cream weather, but I’m finding freezing my Low Carb Minty Fluff or Low Carb Blackberry Fluff works great for soothing a sore throat.  I think I’ll make my Frozen Mocha Fluff next.

These are quick and easy to make, which is really what I need when I don’t feel well.  I whip one up while I’m already in the kitchen making a meal and put it in the freezer so it will be ready to grab several hours later for a snack.  (I’ve been making a half batch in a small sealable bowl to freeze and eat right out of the bowl.  No need to dirty up more than one dish!)

Besides soothing my throat, eating frozen fluff makes watching the Winter Olympics that much more realistic.  Brrr!!!  ;+)

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