Are Wii Having Fun Yet?

I’ve been using my Wii Fit Plus every day this month except for taking Sundays off.  At first, I didn’t do so well on the body tests and it kept telling me I was unbalanced.  It even asked me if I trip when I walk!  But yesterday on the walking test, I was perfectly balanced between left and right.  Yay! 
Only once has my Wii Fit age been over my actual age (I failed a balance test miserably!) and yesterday it told me I was only 20!  That’s minus 30 years.  I’ll take that!  8+)
I’m getting the hang of many of the activities and finally managed to make it through the obstacle course without getting knocked off or falling into oblivion along the way.  And I finished the bubble course without getting popped!  My current goal is to get more than 20 on the snowball fight without getting knocked out by a blizzard of snowballs.
I’ve tried a short run a couple of times, but my knees really complain, so I’d better skip running.  My knees and hips are already complaining about the cold weather, but I force myself to weigh in and do at least 10 minutes of balance activities anyway.  I feel more limber and mobile than last winter, so I really think it’s helping. 
Eventually, I will try out other activities, like yoga and strength training.  I also have the "Just Dance" game and I’ve tried it a few times, but my right arm threatens to develop tendinitis again if I overdo it.  But it’s great fun and no surprise, given my age, that I do best at disco!  ;+)
So how is your year going so far?  Are you moving at least a little every day?  And more importantly, are you sticking to your low carb lifestyle?  Let’s make it a goal to have fun with our activities and menus while we get and stay healthy!  8+) 
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