Holiday Recipes

It’s hard to believe Thanksgiving will be here in less than a week!  I’m not at all ready for the holiday hustle and bustle, but thank goodness, I have recipes already dreamed up that work great for holiday snacks, meals, and desserts.  Here are some of my favorites:

Sweet & Sour Pork & Radishes would make great appetizers. You could make the meatballs and radish pieces small before cooking, then put them on toothpicks or skewers after they are cooked. Maybe add some green pepper and/or mushroom chunks to the mix.

In the same way, BBQ Stew for Two could be used for appetizers.  Check out my other Crockpot Recipes for more ideas.

Another snack/appetizer idea is to make Low Carb Herbed Crackers and/or Low Carb Garlic Herb Crackers and serve them on a meat, cheese, and olive platter.

You can find other cracker recipes, including Low Carb Fancy Crackers (which are made in a pizzelle baker) in the Misc Recipes folder.  An assortment of crackers would be great for a platter or to eat with one of those meat logs we see everywhere this time of year.

If you aren’t making a turkey, you can scale things down a little and make a Low Carb Olive Can Chicken or Low Carb Stuffed Cornish Game Hen instead.

If you are making a turkey (or stuffing a chicken), try my Stuffing Oneself recipe.  It makes enough stuffing for one or two, or you can make more than one batch and make enough for everyone.  Yum!

Want some bread for sandwiches?  Try Carbalose Flaxmeal Bread or Carbquik Flaxmeal Bread.  I haven’t tried it yet, but these might work for dinner rolls, too.

My Poultry Noodle Bake is perfect for using up leftover turkey.

You can also sub cooked turkey for the pork in the Pulled Pork Pie to use up leftovers with new flavors.  Or make up your own recipe with my Basic Savory Impossible Pie directions using Carbquik.

You could also use turkey leftovers in the Bright Raspberry Salad for a change of pace.

Try Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Pudding for a quick dessert for one.  Or Super Simple Cheesecake Pudding; you can change the flavoring for many pudding variations.

The Pudding Recipes folder has lots of ideas for desserts you can make and feel good about eating while you are surrounded by carbage during the holidays.  You can see step-by-step directions for How to Make a Super Simple Low Carb Milk Chocolate Mousse to see how easy and yummy it is to stay on track.

One of my favorite low carb desserts to share is No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecake.  Even those who don’t normally eat low carb love it.  You can find step-by-step directions with pictures at How to Make a Low Carb No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecake.

Another great low carb dessert to share is Coco-Cocoa Cream Pie.  It has a coconut flour crust and creamy chocolate filling.

For a single-serving pie, try Low Carb Mini Lemon Cream Pie, Low Carb Mini Raspberry Pie, Low Carb Mini Mocha Cream Pie, Low Carb Mini Banana Cream Pie, or Low Carb Mini Chocolate Cream Pie for a quick little pie you can make to treat yourself.

Low Carb Russian Teacakes and Low Carb Russian Teacakes 2 are still my favorite holiday cookies, though my Soft Minty Cookies are right up there.

Low Carb Pizzelle make pretty holiday cookies, too.  Make them into sandwich cookies with the Low Carb Stroopwafels directions.

In the Cookie and Candy Recipes folder, you’ll find more cookies and a lot of chocolates recipes.

For step-by-step directions with pictures, see How to Make Low Carb Chocolate DisksHow to Make Low Carb Crispy Dark Chocolates with Chia Seeds, and other How To Articles at  DARdreams Recipes.

The Coconut Flour Recipes folder is full of crunches, crumbles, mini cakes, and other desserts.  You can find my Gingerwaffle & Cinnamon Cream recipe there, which can be used for a dessert or yummy holiday breakfast.

Cinnamon Chia Wiscotti, Raspberry Wiscotti, and Orange Wiscotti are crunchy biscotti-like treats you can make ahead and take along with you to make sure you have a low carb treat available, enjoy them at home, or make them for gifts.  They keep beautifully for a week or more if wrapped in plastic or a baggie.

Spicy Chia Pudding Cake is a nice little dessert, too.  You can find it and many more desserts, including chocolates, in the Chia Seed Recipes folder.

A really simple dessert is Low Carb Minty Fluff.  You can eat it alone or use it as a topping.  You can find it and other fluff recipes in the Misc Recipes folder.

After listing all these dessert recipes, I’d like to repost a link to my thoughts about Eating Sweet “Treats” here.  I believe we can eat our low carb treats without guilt or harm and will enjoy our holidays more if we don’t feel deprived while we’re surrounded by carbage.

I hope I have given you plenty of low carb ideas for staying on track with your low carb lifestyle throughout the next few months and beyond.  Let’s make our New Year’s resolution “Continuing my low carb lifestyle” instead of “Restarting my low carb lifestyle” this year!  8+)

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