Ready for Low Carb Puzzle 1 Answers?

I hope you’ve had a chance to do Low Carb Puzzle 1 and didn’t have any problems with it.  Here is the answer key.

Sorry the answer key doesn’t include the numbers; I couldn’t get Word to let me put the numbers and letters in the boxes the way I wanted them.)

If, like me, you like all kinds of puzzles, you might like the “I’m Puzzled” shirt I designed.  You can change the color, style, size, even words to fit yourself or someone else better.

I also have a “I Love Puzzles” tote bag that would be great for carrying pencil puzzles or anything else you want to put in it.  (Check out the little eyeballs on some of the letters!)

And then there’s the “Puzzles Easily” hat.  Again, you can change the color and even the words if you like.  I just had fun playing with the puzzle piece idea!

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