DARdreams Squidoo Lenses

I have started creating Squidoo lenses as a way to pull together my various sources of low carb info, recipes, and resources into one place.

Each lens focuses on a subject all its own.  The hub is my “About Me” lens called…  You guessed it!… DARdreams.  It tells about me, how and why I started this DARdreams website, and how and why I have expanded into other areas to complement it.

I have added a link to the main DARdreams lens called “Who or What is DARdreams” under Resources on the main page of this website.  From there, you will be able to find all my other lenses.  So far, I have three.

Some of the info in my lenses will be familiar to you if you have been reading my eHow articles and visiting this and my DARdreams2 website.  But, like I said, the lenses are to pull all the resources together.  I hope you will check the current ones out and check out future lenses, too.

I’m doing my best to spread the low carb word around; you can help by telling other people about my endeavors.  Thanks!  ;+)

Update: Squidoo no longer publishes my lenses.  You can now find the info at www.DARdreams.com:

Who is DAR?
What is DARdreams?
Lose Weight and Control Diabetes by Eating Low Carb
Living Low Carb with Coconut Flour

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