Happy Easter!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter, however you choose to celebrate it.  Easter is a special holiday for many reasons for my family.  A major one is that my oldest son was born very early on an Easter morning.  For my breakfast later, I was given a beautiful blue colored egg to celebrate the birth of my very own little Easter Bunny.

I had miscarried just before Easter the year before, so I was very thankful that God provided a safe delivery for my son on the very day we celebrate the life of His son, Jesus.  My son was 2 weeks overdue waiting to be born on that Easter!

My kids are all adults now and I don’t have any grandkids yet, so there won’t be any Easter eggs at my house.  When we used to have lots of colored eggs to use up, I always made potato salad with some of them.

Of course, I don’t make potato salad any more; I make my Picnic Salad instead.  Even without colored eggs to use up, I may make a batch of this.  Yum!  8+d

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