Eating Sweet “Treats”

I’ve been thinking about this topic quite a bit lately.  What makes something a "treat?"  I think of a treat as being something special you only have once in awhile.  Something that really doesn’t fit into your healthy eating plan, so you have to limit it.  I don’t consider the sweet-tasting things I eat nearly every day to be treats; they are part of my healthy eating plan.

For example: I can mix some whey protein powder into a glass of water, fry an egg in coconut oil, and have those with a handful of almonds for a meal.  Or I can grind the almonds and mix them with the whey powder, egg, coconut oil, and a little flavoring and bake them in a pizzelle baker to make "cookies."  I can mix psyllium into a glass of water and glug it down or whisk glucomannan powder into a liquid to get my fiber in a pudding instead.  Is it less virtuous to be more creative with the same ingredients?

Is it a sign of weakness to enjoy eating my food in creative ways?  There are so few things my body will tolerate; what’s wrong with taking those things and finding new ways to use them?  So what if the recipe resembles something carby?  My version isn’t carbage and won’t hurt me.  If I had a problem with wanting to eat carbs because of it, that would be different, but I will never eat carbage again, so what’s the harm?

I apologize if the recipes I have shared here have led anyone astray and caused them to go back to eating carbage.  My intent is to help people enjoy food that is safe and healthy for them, not to keep them addicted to carbs.  If you have a problem with wanting carbage after eating a low carb version of something, please ignore my (or anyone else’s) recipes.  

I believe in order to succeed, we need to see our low carb lifestyle as varied and enjoyable.  If we see it as a diet that we can’t wait to go off of, we will fail.  I like to experiment with different foods and different ways to prepare them to keep myself from getting bored and tempted to start wishing I could eat carbage again.  My experiments aren’t all sweet; I like to play with casseroles, crockpot meals, and veggies, too.  The point is to find healthy ways to enjoy what we eat so we don’t miss our old unhealthy favorites.   

Following a low carb lifestyle is not about deprivation; it’s about being able to enjoy your food while getting and staying healthy.  Each of us is unique and we have to find out what our body (and mind) will tolerate.  If you’re not that interested in sweet-tasting things, skip them and eat something you like better.  But if you do like things that have a sweet taste, find healthy sweet-tasting foods that fit into your plan and enjoy them.  Bon appetit!  8+)

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