Happy 1st Anniversary to Me!

Wow!  It’s hard to believe I have had this website for a year already!  It was a year ago today that I started copying my recipes from the Low Carb Diets forum where I am a moderator to DARdreams to keep them organized.  (I now post them in both places.)  Along the way, I’ve added my favorite books, websites, and resources.  It has been really nice to be able to refer people to the information here rather than repeat myself and possibly leave something out.
I don’t know how many people keep up with what I post here, but I have 7 subscribers through Bloglines and have had 20,760 page views as of right now.  Yikes!  That’s kind of scary when I think about it!  But I have heard from some very nice people who enjoy my recipes and have been helped by the info I share.  And that’s exactly why I’m here.  It also helps to keep me motivated and accountable.  You guys keep me always thinking about new recipes to dream up and share.  In fact, there’s one chilling in my frig right now…  ;+)
Thank you for checking DARdreams out.  I hope I have helped you in some way and you will keep coming back to see what I’ve dreamed up next!  8+)
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