As you can see, I’ve been organizing and cross-referencing recipes today.  I hope it will make things easier to find and not frustrate you to find a note sending you to another category to find a recipe.  I could have posted the recipes in both places, but I didn’t want it to appear there were 2 different recipes when it was the same one in 2 different places.
I promise to get back to posting NEW recipes soon!  8+)
Update: I just went back and added hyperlinks to all the recipes in my cross-referencing posts.  Whew!  (I owe a huge thanks to my dear friend, Janis, for recently teaching me how to do that.)  It will be much easier to click on a link than to search for the recipe yourself.  I want it to be easy so you don’t give up in frustration!     
My husband says I’m becoming a geek.  Let’s just hope all my geeky hyperlinks work correctly!  ;+) 
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