Sweet Pork Patties

Here’s another experiment using ground pork to avoid the additives in store-bought sausage.  I didn’t have time to mix up a sausage, so I just poured the syrup over the cooking patties.  It worked great!

Sweet Pork Patties

Ground pork*
Da Vinci sugar-free Amaretto syrup

Form pork into as many patties as you’d like.  Fry them in a medium skillet.  As the patties fry, drizzle syrup over them and lift them so syrup can run underneath, too.  After flipping the patties to cook the other side, drizzle more syrup on top.

* My ground pork had salt already mixed in.  If yours doesn’t, you can add some if you want.

You can use other flavors of syrup, too.  Pineapple is a natural…  How about peach?  Orange?

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