iHerb.com Added to My Favorites

I’ve been ordering vitamins and supplements from iHerb.com for awhile now.  I really like their large selection of items and low prices.  You can even get free shipping if your order is over $60.00.  If not, UPS ground shipping in the U.S. is a flat rate of $4.00.

iHerb.com has just started a rewards program and like Amazon, which I order from and recommend, I get a small payment if you use my code (HAG175) at iHerb.com to make your orders.  If you are a first-time customer at iHerb, you get $5 off your first order with them.  If you continue to use my code for future orders, I continue to get credit.  I will also get credit if you use my code for your first order, then get your own code to make referrals yourself.

These referral rewards programs don’t make me rich (I haven’t gotten paid for any of them yet), but since I use and recommend these reputable companies anyway, it would be nice to be rewarded if you are planning to make an order.  Just use my code for iHerb or use my DARdreams Store link.  It doesn’t cost you anything extra, so it’s a win-win!

Thank you so much for visiting my website whether you order anything through it or not.  I’m not here to make money; I’m here to help you live a happy, healthy low carb life.  8+)

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