Low Carb Stroopwafels

Cinnamunch Pizzelle

The Dutch have their own waffle-like cookies.  It’s easy to make a low carb version using my Low Carb Pizzelle (pictured).  Stroopwafels are usually softer than pizzelle; the caramel filling softens these.

The Dutch like to put their stroopwafel over the top of a hot drink to let it warm and soften.  With the kind of weather we’ve been having, that sounds wonderful!

Low Carb Stroopwafels

1 batch Low Carb Pizzelle
Walden Farms Caramel Dip
Ground cinnamon (optional)

(If desired, mix a little cinnamon into about 1/2 cup caramel dip.)  Spread about 1 tablespoon caramel dip on half of the cookies.  Top with the other half, making a sandwich of 2 pizzelle with caramel filling.  You may want to use more or less caramel, depending on the size of your pizzelle and how thick you want the filling.  Don’t overfill, though, or it will drip!

Be sure you put the pretty design on the outside of the cookies unless you want the waffle pattern to show.  You can also dust them with powdered erythritol to make them even prettier, but you may end up with erythritol in your beverage.  ;+)

If the pizzelle are already cool & crisp, you can eat these right away while they are crispy or let them sit for an hour or more to soften.  Or do as the Dutch do and let your stroopwafel sit on top of your cup of hot beverage to warm and soften.

The entire recipe contains about 7 net carbs.  I got 8 stroopwafels with less than 1 net carb each.

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