Latest A1c Results

Okay, so I saw my endo on January 2nd and got my lab results.  His lab said my A1c had gone from 5.0 in July to 5.2 in December!  How could that be, when my BGLs are rarely over 100 and usually in the 70s and 80s?!  My endo has told me before that he has had the lab recalibrate their equipment when he thought A1c levels were too low to be accurate. 
After a week of wracking my brain to see what I might have been doing wrong and being afraid to cook with my usual ingredients, I looked up David Mendosa’s article on home A1c tests:  I bought a ReliOn test at Walmart for $9.00, put 1 LARGE (they aren’t kidding!) drop of blood on each of the 2 circles, and mailed it off last Friday.
Late last night, I got my results online: 4.9!  Yippee!!!  Now that’s more like it!  I have achieved my goal of getting back under 5.0 and can breathe a sigh of relief while going back to eating my favorite low carb foods again.  Whew!  8+)
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