Where Do You Get Chia Seeds?

Some people are able to find chia seeds in person at a store near them.  Try health food or Whole Foods stores.  If you can’t find them (or don’t want to run around looking), you can order them online.

I wouldn’t recommend the first company I ordered my chia seeds from: The Chia Seed.  They didn’t send my order until I emailed them 11 days after ordering, asking where it was.  I ordered more seeds from another company today, but discovered tonight that you can get them through Amazon.com for a better price.

I have a link to Amazon.com here on my website (Through the DARdreams Store) and if you order through that link, I get a tiny payment.  If you can find a better deal than Amazon, go for it!  But if you order through Amazon, I would be honored if you used my link.  Every little bit helps!  ;+)

Update 11/23/08:

Netrition is now carrying chia seeds and meal.

Hidalgo Foods sometimes has sales for buying whole and milled black and white chia seeds in bulk with competitive prices.  That’s where I get my milled white chia seeds.  Check them out, too.

For more info and buying options, see Living Low Carb with Chia Seeds.

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