How Do I Manage My Weight and BGLs?

Hi everyone!  I have received messages from people to whom I would love to respond, but I can’t because their preferences aren’t set to receive messages.  I’m not ignoring anyone and have tried to respond to everyone who has sent me a message.  If you would like me to respond to your message, please make sure you can receive it, okay?  I’d love to talk to you!  8+)
I have been asked many times what I do to control my weight and BGLs (Blood Glucose Levels).  I basically follow Dr. Bernstein’s plan ( with adjustments to make my own unique body happy.  I strongly recommend "Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution" for all diabetics and those who aren’t diabetic and would like to stay that way!  ;+)
I eat about 20 net carbs per day, with no more than about 6-8 in any one meal.  I eat 4 small meals, spaced 4 to 5 hours apart to allow my body’s response from one meal to completely finish before giving it another meal to deal with.  By eating very low carb meals, I’m trying to avoid any BGL spikes.  I tested my BGL at 1 hour and 2 hours last night after my last meal/snack and it was exactly the same (81), so I think I’m succeeding for the most part.
I agree with Dr. Bernstein that even diabetics should strive to maintain nondiabetic BGLs, which is in the mid-80s.  I don’t always achieve that goal, but I’m almost always under 100 and frequently in the 70s and 80s.  Most of the time when I’m over that, it’s due to things that stress my body, including anything that raises my temp (even a hot shower or working out).  Not getting enough sleep has a tendency to raise my fasting BGL.
So what do I eat?  I entered a typical day for me into Fitday and found I’m getting around 1600 calories and 20 net carbs per day.  Here’s a general idea of what I do each day:
10 a.m. Test fasting BGL
           Breakfast: 1 cup unsweetened almond milk or Atkins shake
12 p.m. Test BGL
2 p.m. Lunch ideas: Lettuce-wrapped bacon cheeseburger, salad with seafood, celery with cream cheese, or chia waffle
4 p.m. Test BGL
6 p.m. Dinner ideas: Sweet & Sour Pork & Noodles, shirataki noodle casserole, omelette, or sausage links (or patty) with eggs
8 p.m. Test BGL
10 p.m. Snack ideas: Frosted Chia Brownie, glucomannan powder pudding, Berry Yummy Crunch, or Crispy Dark Chocolates with a handful of walnuts
12 a.m. Test BGL
By testing my BGL after every meal, I know exactly what I can and can’t eat.  If my BGL goes over 100, I don’t eat that food again (unless I know the cause wasn’t related to the food).  I can’t eat most fruit and grains any more.  But I have so much fun experimenting with ingredients I know are safe for me to eat, I don’t usually miss the things I can’t have.  I can usually find a good sub or be satisfied with something else entirely.
I have the advantage of having a glucometer to check my BGLs as well as scales to check my weight.  Sometimes, things that are good for one aren’t good for the other, so I check both frequently and keep it all written down in a journal because there’s no way I can remember it all! 
As I like to say, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary), so what works for me may not work for you.  You need to be your own science experiment to find out what your body likes.  I hope my info and recipes have helped you as much as they have helped me to maintain a healthy low carb lifestyle.  8+)                  
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