Add Me To Your Bloglines… Please?

Tonight I figured out how to add a link at the bottom of my left-hand column for signing up for DARdreams with Bloglines.  I have 51 feeds in my Bloglines list and it’s really easy to see which blogs have added something new that way so I don’t have to keep checking manually.

Let’s face it: I don’t have time to visit all those websites frequently myself and I’m sure I would forget some if I tried!  I keep a tab with my Bloglines list open all the time (in my browser) so I can click on it and see who’s saying what whenever I get a chance.

If you’d like an easy way of being notified when I add something new here and/or a quick link to check up on me yourself, please sign up!  I have 2 subscribers so far and I think I’m one of them!  Thank you, thank you, whoever the other one is!  ;+)

Update: Bloglines is no longer in business, but there are other online programs, like Google Reader, that work in the same way.

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