Dr. Bernstein and Jenny Ruhl: My Heroes

I am a big fan of both Dr. Bernstein and Jenny Ruhl.  They are my heroes for their tireless crusade to teach people the truth about diabetes in general and how to control or prevent diabetes with a low carb lifestyle (and meds when necessary).  They were both instrumental in my lowering and getting close to my A1c goal.  My last test was 4.9 and I’m hoping my next test will be even closer to a truly nondiabetic level of 4.6.

You can find both of them in DAR’s Top 20 Low Carb Heroes and I encourage anyone who hasn’t read their books and websites to do so.  Jenny also has a blog that I love to read.  I wanted to share her recent posting and my response to it with you.

Jenny sent a copy of her new book to Dr. Bernstein and you can see his response here:


I have read Jenny’s book and for the most part, I found it excellent.  However, as Dr. Bernstein basically says to Jenny in his letter to her, I really wish she hadn’t watered down the necessity of keeping BGLs in a truly nondiabetic range.  (Her book calls it “True Normal.”)

Jenny agrees Dr. Bernstein’s goals are “probably ideal,” but has decided she doesn’t need to deprive herself that much and have such an “iron discipline.”  I’ll have to go with Dr. Bernstein on this one.  I believe, as he does, that the only way to lower my risk as much as possible of developing diabetes complications is to keep my BGLs in a totally nondiabetic range.

Let’s face it: I developed diabetes despite having low risk factors in the first place (except for those lousy genes!).  I wasn’t the fat and lazy…  excuse me…  sedentary and obese type 2 stereotype in the first place and still got it.  I worked out and worked hard to keep my weight under control.  Still got it!  8+o

So I’m not taking any chances on developing complications just so I can have a bite of something my body sees as poison now and then.  There are plenty of perfectly safe things for me to eat that my taste buds enjoy; I don’t need to make them happy at my pancreas’ expense.

I still love Jenny and her website.  I think she has a lot of great info that I haven’t found elsewhere, but I am disappointed that she gives people excuses for not getting their BGLs completely under control.  It can and should be done!

Okay, I’ll climb down off my soapbox now.  If I can…  This one is pretty high…  ;+)

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