Chocolate Mousse Pie Filling

Here’s an alternative chocolate pie filling if you have access to Chocolate Hood Calorie Countdown Dairy Beverage.

Chocolate Mousse Pie Filling

3 cups Chocolate Hood Calorie Countdown Dairy Beverage
2 teaspoons Fiberfit Liquid
2 tablespoons glucomannan powder

Coconut Pie Crust

Use the wire whisk on a stand mixer (I use KitchenAid) at speed 4.  Put Hood and Fiberfit in bowl and turn mixer on.  Very gradually sprinkle in glucomannan powder.  Scrape down sides as needed.  (You can use a manual whisk if your arm is up to it or a hand mixer on low speed.)

Pour mixture into prepared piecrust.  Refrigerate for several hours.

Net carbs for entire pie filling is 12 grams.  Don’t forget to add the carb count for the crust.  Enjoy!

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