Super Simple Milk Chocolate Mousse

Super Simple Milk Chocolate Mousse

Okay, now this one is really easy if you have access to Hood Chocolate “milk.”  It has a milk chocolate flavor, rather than the darker chocolate flavor of the Chocolate Glucomannan Mousse.

Super Simple Milk Chocolate Mousse

1 cup Chocolate Hood Calorie Countdown Dairy Beverage
2 teaspoons glucomannan powder

In a medium bowl, whisk chocolate dairy beverage with a wire whisk until thick & foamy.

Very gradually, sprinkle in the glucomannan powder while continually whisking.

I think this is sweet enough as is, but you could add some extra sweetener if you want; just remember to add the carbs (if any) to the count.

You can eat this right away or let it sit for awhile in the frig first.

The dairy beverage increases in volume when whisked (almost like whipping cream), so this would make enough for 2 servings.  But I haven’t had any problems with my BGLs or weight after eating the whole batch myself.

It’s really a guilt-free indulgence with only 4 net carbs in the entire recipe!

You can find step-by-step directions with pictures and info for How to Make a Low Carb Super Simple Milk Chocolate Mousse.

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