Chocolate Glucomannan Pudding

Okay, let’s go in a sweeter direction!  Here’s my first of many glucomannan powder pudding recipes.

Chocolate Glucomannan Pudding

Using a wire whisk (or electric mixer), whisk together:

2 tablespoons cream and
1 cup cold water.  Add:
1 packet dry hot cocoa mix and whisk until frothy and no lumps remain.

VERY slowly, sprinkle in:

2 teaspoons glucomannan powder while continually whisking.  That’s it!

Sprinkle tiny amounts at a time or you’ll get white lumps.  This may be smoother with the mixer, but it’s harder to beat and sprinkle at the same time (unless you have a stand mixer).  I’ve also heard an immersion blender works well.

I used Swiss Miss Diet Hot Cocoa (NOT Swiss Miss Sugar-Free).  It only has 3 net carbs.  Nestle makes a low carb hot cocoa mix that has 5 net carbs.  It would probably work just as well and only raises the carb count by 2.  The cream only has 1 and the glucomannan powder doesn’t have any, so that’s still only a total of 6 net carbs with Nestle and 4 with Swiss Miss.

This is very rich and could even be divided into 2 servings to lower the carb count even more.  It isn’t completely smooth; it has the texture of chocolate cream of wheat, but I like that texture personally.  And my BGLs like the recipe.

I tried this with more cream, but decided the added calories weren’t worth it.  It’s creamy enough for me with only 2 tablespoons.  You could probably get away with no cream at all, but it might be a little watery.  You could also cut down on the glucomannan powder if you wanted a thinner consistency.

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